Rustic Ridge #1 Deep Mine Project

LCT Energy, LP and Robindale Energy Services Inc. would like to graciously extend an invitation to fellow Mountain Laurel Chamber of Commerce members to attend a presentation to learn more about the Rustic Ridge #1 Deep Mine Project. This event will be held the evening of Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 from 6:30pm – 8 pm  at Highlands Hall Banquet Center located just south of the intersection of 711 and 31.  An informal dinner of pizza, salad and other good food as well as refreshments will be provided at 6:30pm.

Donegal Mine Project 

Based in Johnstown, PA, LCT Energy (LCT) was established to develop and produce low-vol and mid-vol metallugical coal in southwest central PA

  • LCT has active mining operations in Somerset County and controls reserves in Westmoreland, Fayette, Somerset, Indiana, Jefferson and Clearfield Counties.
  • LCT and Robindale are solid companies with a history of solving environmental problems and not creating them.

Donegal Mine project will go through the PADEP permit review process LCT went to great lengths to work with the PADEP seeking advice, input and direction for over a year before submitting a pre-application in order to propose an environment sound project The underground mine permit acreage is 2,961.6 Estimated life of mine is 15 years Anticipate permit issuance in late 2014 with mine construction and production to follow immediately thereafter Early in the process, LCT evaluated and approached the project from a perspective that would first and foremost address the environmental issues by doing the following: Contracted with respected professionals who were instrumental in pointing out the positive aspects of our mine project; helped to develop our approach to address and overcome problems associated with the previous mine project proposals Be environmentally conscious and a good neighbor Portal site will be developed utilizing a slope and shaft to both minimize the surgace disturbance and to bein mining at an elevation that will provide protection necessary to prevent a post-mining discharge. Eliminate any areas within the permit where overburden (depth to the coal) would be less than 200 feet; effectively protecting overlying streams, water well, and surface structures. Develop horizontal barriers along streams that will meet or exceed DEP regulations Conduct first mining only with no retreat mining This project will have a positive economic impact Projected $50 million capital investment Directory employe 120+ full time employees with potential for more Over $200 million in wages and benefits over the life of the mine with average salary plus benefits ~$100,000 annually Anticipate about $250 million spends with vendors and suppliers.

Main point of contact
Gil Widenhofer, VP acquisition and property development
Robindale Energy Services, Inc.

MSC Statement on Impact Fee Tax Disbursements

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Marcellus Shale Coalition president Dave Spigelmyer issued the following statement regarding the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s disbursement of 2013’s nearly $225 million in shale impact fee tax revenues for local governments:

“Responsible shale development continues to be an economic lifeline for communities across the entire Commonwealth. These disbursements, which have increased more than 10 percent year-over-year, are providing critical revenues streams directly to local governments as well as for important environmental-focused programs.

“Act 13, a commonsense bipartisan law, aimed to strengthen our environmental regulations and ensure that local governments would realize these broad-based benefits, all while keeping Pennsylvania competitive and an attractive state to invest, grow jobs and do business. These tens of millions of dollars in increased tax revenues are proof positive that this law is working.

“While we’re making meaningful, shared gains as Pennsylvania continues to be a top natural gas-producing state – helping to create thousands of good jobs, especially in our manufacturing industry – elected officials should not unnecessarily curb this positive progress with uncompetitive, short-sighted policies. We must continue to lead and demonstrate to the country and the world that Pennsylvania is and will remain the Keystone State.

Marcellus Shale