Route 31 Reconstruction Plans

On Wednesday, April 13th, the Mountain Laurel Chamber of Commerce hosted an open forum where local business leaders and community members reviewed plans for the reconstruction of Route 31 in Donegal.

The attendees were able to view the preliminary construction map from PennDOT which you can now also view from the comfort of your own home by clicking here.

At the meeting, we discussed the importance of providing a lasting impression on visitors to the Laurel Highlands region and how our community’s image is fundamentally important to our economic well being. Board member, Abe Wagner, stated, “Anyone visiting the number of attractions in our area will exit onto this stretch of road. As a community, we can roll up our sleeves and make a positive impact, or we can let the transition play out as it will. The MLCC had taken a proactive position to try and plant a seed for community involvement.”

What Exactly Does the Route 31 Reconstruction Project Involve?

It is a $20 million improvement project that will focus on the 3.5 mile stretch between the Pennsylvania Turnpike Interchange and Route 381 at Sarnelli’s Corner Market, the corridor known as the “Gateway to the Laurel Highlands”. It will include the installation of traffic lights for those getting on and off the turnpike, and a continuous T-intersection, which will allow those traveling along Route 31 to bypass the light.

According to Liberty Hill, PennDOT District Plans Engineer, “The improvements will help with safety and traffic congestion in the area. We’re really looking forward to getting the project started.”

At the meeting, President of the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau, Renee Seifert, explained how tourism benefits our area, boosts businesses and actually lowers taxes. “We are always going to have visitors spending money in the Laurel Highlands. This is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to promote our own local products made right here in the Laurel Highlands – food, art, clothing, things that are indicative to our area.”

Local Residents, Business Owners, Visitors – We Want to Hear YOUR Thoughts!

What do you think about the upcoming Route 31 Reconstruction Project? What are your concerns? How do you foresee it enhancing and improving the Gateway to the Laurel Highlands?

Comment below, talk to us on Facebook, or contact our office or stop in to view materials and additional information. We look forward to your opinions!


  1. Cody Echard says

    I think it’s a load of horse ****. The mountains aren’t the mountains anymore. Donegal will now be another Mt pleasant. All because of asshole tourists going to 7 springs. Leave the mountain folk alone and go somewhere else. We live there to be left alone and away from the city for a reason

  2. Kris Enberg says

    Thank you for your comment Cody. You need to join us in our efforts of working together with the community, the business community and PennDOT to build lasting impressions for the Route 31 corridor. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

  3. Wes Brown says

    Cody. A sad comment. My wife and I are a couple of those AH tourists you talk about. Clearly you do not represent the majority of local residents or we have just been fortunate to have only met wonderful people who live and work on the mountain, who have welcomed us to their neighborhood and have helped us enjoy the marvels of the Laurel Highlands from Linn Run trails to Laurel Ridge State Park to Falling Water, Ohiopyle, Ligonier, and even 7 Springs though we only go there once a year for the Mother Earth conference so we can continue to live in and enjoy and not harm the wonders of all our neighborhoods.

    As tourists, we look forward to the safety improvements being planned to the roadway for our own safety. We will continue to come to your mountain and enjoy all that the LH offer. And spend our money here in the LH.

    And we will continue to enjoy meeting more of your wonderful neighbors.

  4. Debbie says

    We moved up to Donegal from Pgh and built our home….i love country living and hate to see it change…its already becoming comnercial with the opening of different stores….if we wanted the noise and traffic we would’ve stayed in the city. However I do agree with a traffic light at the turnpike and Sarnellis intersection…

  5. Rick McMillen says

    Why not put a exit on turnpike for Seven Springs & Hidden Valley traffic.Would fix everything..Turnpike is only a few 100 yards from route 31 at Laurel Mt. Inn.I think would save the tax payers a lot of money…

  6. Mark Magda says

    A traffic light at Sarnelli’s is a great idea, but, at the Turnpike ??? I agree it can become congested at the Donegal exit, but I foresee a traffic light backing up turnpike traffic more so than it is now. I guess I’m missing something.

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