Science & Nature Program @ Powdermill

How Geospatial Technology Influences Research at Powdermill

Geography and maps play an important role in research at Powdermill Nature Reserve. Animals move and migrate, vegetation and landscapes change over time and space, and climate varies locally and throughout the world. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab at Powdermill is dedicated to integrating maps and geography into all research at Powdermill and Carnegie Museum of Natural History. James Whitacre, the Museum’s GIS Research Scientist, will explore how maps and geography drive numerous research projects at Powdermill and the Museum. Come learn about the different ways GIS and other geospatial technologies are used in our research. After the lecture, we will head outside for a drone flight!

Globe Trotting

Let’s create a model of the world! Flat maps give an odd view of the planet on which we live, but a globe puts things in much better perspective. Using 20 round mini maps, glue, and yarn, we will assemble spherical models of Earth to take home and hang up! After this hands-on activity, we will head outside for a drone flight!